Cheesecakes & Crunch Cakes

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Cheesecake & Crunch Cake


Our classic cheesecakes and crunch cakes are prepared 9 inch round.
4-inch personal size mini cheesecakes are available with a minimum order of 6.
6-inch cheesecakes are available, please inquire for pricing.

We also do custom flavors and sizes, so please inquire if you have a unique cake desire!

Cheesecake Options:

Plain $35.00
Strawberry Topped $40.00
Cherry Topped  $40.00
Chocolate $35.00
Lemon $35.00
Banana Pudding $40.00
Butter Pecan $40.00
Oreo $40.00
Turtle (Caramel &Pecan) $40.00

Crunch Cake Options:

Strawberry $40.00
Strawberry with Strawberry Cheesecake Layer $65.00
Lemon $40.00
Lemon with LemonCheesecake Layer $65.00
Oreo $40.00
Oreo with Oreo Cheesecake Layer $65.00

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